Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sharing is caring...sharing is giving...sharing is receiving...

Photo: cek bonus...bole la buat beli baju raya anak2..sapa yang nak beraya meriah tahun ni tanpa mengharap PM bg bonus kat gomen staf dan juga tampil menarik dgn badan yg cun silalah pm ye..
 Alhamdulillah my second month bonus..RM 2800++. How I get this??
 Just  spent 2 hours in one sharing session and went for 4 sharing session in total. In total only 8 hours working time and I got this amount. If I do this!!

Sharing is caring...sharing is giving and sharing is receiving... The most important things is I'm keep on losing weight but become RM 2800 richer ( for this month)..Alhamdulillah....

Photo: Alhamdulillah..bonus yg dapat sebab sharing dgn kawan-kawan untuk ubah diri..berat makin turun, bonus makin banyak..closing cuma 4kali je..kerja hanya 2jam sekali close..siapa nak bagi camtu kan..kan?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Revisiting my blog..after a very long silence...

Hi there,

It's quite sometimes that I keep things only to myself.. It's not because I love to do that, but a lot of things has going around me until I do not know which story should I blog first..Hahaha..what an excuse!!

Truly, I'm occupied with my family, my work and my own personal life..

But today I've been inspired by a friend to write something on my blog.. So I will try my best to squeeze in some of my precious time to work on this my precious blog...InsyaAllah..

Just to let you know that I gain weight after deliver my third baby. But now I lost 7kg in a month..Dahsyatkan?? At least to me.. without any diet regime (I hate to control my food consumption) or without any extreme sporty life (I don't have time for that) If ada pun just lari-lari anak kejar my very active baby.. So, anyone would like to share my secret??

OK. Later I will tell you the secret..For now, I need to work on my grant application..

Friday, 18 June 2010

Bali Trip 15-18 April 2010 Part III

Second Part of the Bali trip....

Tak sempat nak update earlier than this...Anyway, harap tak basi lagi...hihihi...Let's photo do the talking...

Must visit place at Bali...Tanah Lot..Temple on the rock..

A view of spectacular sunset view as a backdrop...

Shamelin Team....Smile and Say " jus manggis"

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bali Trip 15-18 April 2010 Part I

Bali- Here we come!! This holiday trip was sponsored by my husband company, some sort of awards for the outstanding leaders..And for me, he paid for me..Jatuh pulak on my birthday...So my hubby said it's was my birthday present... And some said our second honeymoon trip..Coz our kids were left at my mother's house..We enjoyed this great holidays escapes...And let's the photo do the talking..
Warmest welcomed by Balinese people...Macam Hawaii la pulak..

Amboi! Amboi!Sempat lagi tuh..
We having our lunch at this restaurant...Pawon Pasundan at Kuta, Bali

Balinese garden..I wish I could have this kind of garden...

And our lunch....Nasi gembel komplet...Rice in banana leaves (like lemang)
And vegetable soup plus with some ulam-ulaman..Fried chicken with sambal..
They called this Ikan terbang...
With our tourist guide, Pak Wayan
We stayed at this hotel for 4Days and 3nites...

Aromatherapy of Bali
My hubby tried out his skill...
Our dinner at one of the restaurant at Sanor...Here, Balinese dance, Legong welcomed us..
Legong dance is a refined dance form characterized by intricate finger movements.

Our delegates from Malaysia...Wait for the second part on this happening trip!!